Our Story

In 2008 Cindy Culver fulfilled a long-held dream and started her own business—Strictly Accounting LLC. Given that Cindy loves small businesses, finances and puzzles, starting her own accounting business was a perfect fit for her.

Prior to starting Strictly Accounting, Cindy worked at a number of small businesses, serving in a variety of capacities including Business Manager. She handled business items such as payroll, accounts receivable, and accounts payable, etc.

It was while working alongside the entrepreneurs who had started those businesses that Cindy discovered she had a knack for effectively handing business finances. She found that her work freed up the business owner to focus on growing the business. Cindy was delighted to work in her strengths, so that the business owners could work in their strengths.

Not everyone enjoys puzzles, but you put can Cindy squarely into the column of people who absolutely love puzzles! Be it crosswords, word searches, or Sudoku, she finds it very fulfilling to successfully work a puzzle.

To Cindy, working on a client’s finances is like a working a puzzle, and when she gets a financial mess straightened up, or gets a balance sheet completed, or reconciles a bank statement, she sits back in her chair and smiles.

Cindy is ready to work for you—whether you have a financial mess that needs to be cleaned, or you need someone to handle the finance end of your business so that you can focus on growing your business.