• Use an A-Z file to store receipts and paid bills. Consider scanning the receipts using your phone or printer. Or a fun app such as Evernote or CamScan which you share with your bookkeeper/tax professional.

    Get more simple tips on how to keep your books in order.

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QuickBooks training

QuickBooks is not a ‘light’ accounting program. Properly structured and maintained by a skilled professional, QuickBooks can provide detailed, accurate and auditable accounting books and records. Once QuickBooks is setup and working properly, we can train you or your employees to properly operate QuickBooks specifically for your business. Call or Email to sign up.

Charter Schools

Our passion for Charter Schools began with our first Charter School client. We not only provide Bookkeeping and Accounting services, we are also involved in furthering the success and growth of Charter Schools. Since we have several Charter Schools as clients we are able to share resources from no cost field trips to fundraising.


Our bookkeeping services can simplify your business and let you concentrate on running your business. We provide highly-trained, experienced accounting professionals that can help get you going and stay on track quickly and effectively. Is the October 15th tax deadline making you lose sleep? There is still time to get your 2014 bookkeeping in order-give us a call, we can help.


Our services are for small- to mid-sized growing businesses located in and around the Portland Oregon metro area. The relationships we have with our clients are usually long term, we are here for all of your company’s accounting services. You will receive the same accountant each time to handle your company’s needs.

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We’ve had bookkeepers who did not understand our specific needs and ended up costing too much money because of the time spent educating them. Cindy is patient and thorough. She cares about people. She works with integrity.